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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bulbs 2011

We went crazy buying bulbs in 2010 and breaking the bank. We also set them out in bad locations (and the moles/ voles didn't help either. Read about the Calla Lilies here and here) As I was looking for the pictures on our 2010 bulbs I realized that I never posted anything about the lovely Dahlias, the Tulips, Hyacinthus and Asiatic Lilies that were planted in 2010.

In 2011, we learnt from our mistakes, and we got only the ones we really liked and thought through our decision on where to plant them.

But then again....we were lazy. The bulbs were languishing in the garage for few months and them it finally struck me sometime last weekend that I needed to plant them before it was too late. The bulbs were actually growing through the plastic bag in which they were packed.

One of my favorites from the 2010 garden were the Asiatic Lilies that were extremely fragrant and were very long lasting when cut and put together in a vase. We had decided to plant them in our newly built recycled concrete planter bed (read here).

These are the bulbs that I bought in 2011. We picked up every variety of Lily I set my eyes on.

After a week of being in the ground, they seem to be doing well.....I guess I did not cause too much harm by delaying my planting.

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