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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More use for broken concrete

We had some small pieces of concrete that was left over from our retaining wall project.

We have now put them to use....

They help keep the wood chips away from the base of our fruit trees and also lend a rustic appeal


  1. hi
    u r such an inspiration to all fellow gardeners I am from houston and has a small veg garden When i was reading about your Amsterdam trip i thought of sharing with u this which i came across in Mahanandis blog Like u she is a pro
    I got chikkudu seeds from my Aunt who lives here in Houston area.All other seeds I brought them from India.You can apply for permit to bring seeds.Thats how I got my babana plants.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I have had good success rates with asian seeds i get from Botanical Interests (Yard long bean, bitter gourd, bottle gourds) and seeds of india (for snake gourds and broad beans and the prized Drumstick). In some instances, the Renee's gardens container eggplants tasted much better than the ones I grew from the indian seed varieties. The same is true for the Okra seeds I source from (the clemson spineless and the red burgundy have done better than the ones from seedsofindia)