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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hanging Baskets

One of the design aspects that we put in when we re-designed our front yard was to add a place to put in some hanging baskets. You can read about that here.

Later in the summer of 2010 we managed to put up the baskets, install a spray irrigation system. The Lobelias and the "hanging basket mix" seeds that were planted germinated, but it was spotty. The baskets do not get a lot of sunlight, especially the ones in the back.

So I picked up a couple of Fuchsias and planted them in the baskets in the back. I also picked up all the volunteer Nasturtiums that emerged in the Tomato beds (from last years seeds) and planted them in my hanging baskets. I am hoping they will re-seed and be a little easy on ongoing maintenance.

Also, the coir basket liners had deteriorated completely in just one season. It did seem like a lot of ongoing maintenance in the long run. I had read about these "grow bags" concept online and was hoping to replace the coir liners with these grow bags. I managed to trim them and fit them in my hanging baskets.

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