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Thursday, April 14, 2011


In 2010 we had our friendly tree pruner deliver a couple of loads of wood chips to help us keep the weeds down. This was one of our first loads of wood chips.

We spread them around the yard, mainly the areas where we had nothing growing, and around our raised planter beds. They made a BIG difference. During the winter of 2009 we had serious issues with weeds popping up everywhere.

Now that we are working on adding more plants in the garden (maybe even from seeds), we have been working on removing the twigs that were a big part of the wood chips that got delivered. Since it was free stuff, I did not complain about the pieces being uneven. But now it means we have to get them all out.

It has been an extremely arduous task to say the least. We have close to 2 cu yards of decent sized twigs that are now piled up on the driveway waiting to be disposed. Maybe the next time around we should just order some mulch from our garden center and spare us the trouble of having to go through this clean up exercise.

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