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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The making of a herb garden

One of my visions has been to convert our Camellia territory (read about the move here) into a herb garden. The space is about 12 ft long and about 4 ft wide.

I had saved up these pieces when the new fence on the north side was being installed. The fence installers were going to just dump these into the trash.

We still needed to spend some dough to get the other supplies for the planter bed.

The first part i.e. the frame was built with 2x4 's attached to 4x4 posts with some long galvanized lag screws.

We then nailed the recycled fence board pieces onto the structure with the nail gun, and 1 1/4 finish nails.

Now that the bed is up and ready, we have been thinking of adding a top trim onto the box. A 2x4 trim on all 3 sides and a 2x12 trim on the side that is closer to the patio with some supports nailed to the 4x4 posts. This will function like a bench area where one can sit down and tend to the herbs.

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