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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Front yard makeover

It has been weeks and weeks of hard work in the garden. One of the areas that is getting a real face lift over this spring is the front yard. Here are the pictures that tell the story.

The before, during and during (the real after will come a few years down the road)

This picture (above) is a courtesy of the Google StreetView image database which still shows how bad the place looked in 2008. We didn't get a shot from this perspective and as with everything else Google came to my rescue !

n the summer of 2009, we cleaned up the corner completely of all the over growth and started off with a clean slate. And, in the fall of 2009 when we finally decided to replace the fence, we changed things around just a little bit.

Now that little patch has become ....


Livening up the space along the fence and beginning to bloom now are....the Dahlias and the Gladioli

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