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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Retaining update

This is how it all began.

After 6+ months of working on it (on and off) thanks to the wet weather and focusing our other love (skiing) we finally managed to get one of the walls up.

We managed to find some additional pieces of old concrete that were stained red. These were put in as the top most layer.

All the layers (except the top most) are just dry stacked, and some 0.25 inch rebar's added in the top layer

The retaining wall is behemoth and took a lot of soil+compost to fill it up. Now that it is ready to go, I am wondering what to plant......Asiatic Lilies is what I am thinking. Add to that some more fragrant flowers and that area will be a great place to sit down and relax.

This is how the other wall is looking at this point. We need a lot more concrete pieces for sure and now we will have to figure out how to get them home. The trailer damaged the chassis of our car and has to go. It is up for sale.....sitting in the driveway waiting for a buyer.


  1. Great way to recycle that old concrete. Well done.

  2. Thank you. We also re-used concrete pieces as stepping stones all around our garden