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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Strawberry update

We picked up 3 strawberry plants last year (sometime in spring...2010). They were put in a dedicated planter bed, and I even covered the top layer with red plastic sheet. (I had read somewhere that it helped Strawberries and even tomatoes ripen well and absorb the reflected red light). Read about our 2010 story here.

The Strawberries did pretty well for the most part. We harvested close to 3 lbs of strawberries throughout spring and summer (I guess they are the ever-bearing type. I don't know what variety they are, now that the plastic pot it came in is long gone. It was an impulse buy at a big box store, with no research.)

In the winter of 2010 the soil/ compost in our Strawberry bed magically started going down (as you can see below) and the berries that were coming up were submerged in puddles of water and rotting away. We lost quite a lot of them this way and the weather was getting cold for us to fix it soon enough.

Now that we have had the time to think about it over the winter months, we came up with this idea of planting the Strawberries in 5 gallon pots (with the bottom removed) and raising them above the overall soil level on the bed.

We got that done almost a month or two back...and here is how it looks now.

I am all excited with the Strawberry season already getting started. I have some wee little Strawberries coming out as well.

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