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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Drumstick update

In the summer of 2010 I set out on this ambitious experiment of trying to grow Drumsticks in California (and from seed may I add). Read about that here.

Of the 7 seeds I grew only 3 made it to the end of the season. I kept them in these big blue buckets all through the growing season last year and they were moved under a covered porch area (It just has a roof overhang and no protection from the sides.

They survived the winter without any additional protection and looked like this when they were set out this spring.

They are now in the ground in the south side of the house. This place has very poor soil (which works perfectly for the Drumstick), and gets abundant sunlight too. We just need to remember to cover it up with burlap this winter.

In the month or so they have been in the ground, the plants have begun to settle in very well. Hopefully I get some nice juicy Drumsticks this summer.

On another note, I bought yet another packet of Drumstick seeds and have 3 lovely plants growing in small pots.

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