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Friday, June 24, 2011

Slow the motion-Show the motion

The June 2011 Picture this photo contest is all about motion and a longer exposure to capture the feeling of movement.

The moment I saw the topic I remembered our lovely camping trip to Utah in the summer of 2009. We played around with our flashlights and lighted Frisbee disc and captured one of a kind memories. The Z, I and N were spelled out using our headlamps. For the O we used an illuminated Frisbee.

Spelling out the National park we camped in...

This is one where we set up the long exposure and the two Frisbee addicts were actually throwing the Frisbee around.

Frisbee trails

We also took a very typical picture in Antelope Canyon where the long exposure captures the suns rays that come in through the small crevices.

The Sand and light show - Antelope canyon

The one that everyone is familiar with is the look of a waterfall or other moving water source left exposed for enough time to blend the coursing water into a pleasing “mist”, the result of a divine brush stroke!

Now, I was not sure if the picture had to be in the garden theme, so here is my submission.

From the summer of 2010, the friendly Hummingbird that lives in our backyard. The attempt was to freeze its constantly darting head but leave the wings blurred.


  1. The Antelope Canyon shot is amazing and so are the waterfalls and the night-Frisbee. Great work!

  2. Beautiful pics! I agree the canyon shot is stunning.