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Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is our first year of trying to grow strawberries.
I had ordered some seeds of Alpine strawberries that I started in pots this spring. The Alpine strawberry seedlings are doing pretty well, and I am hoping to transplant them as ground covers under the backyard oak. We spotted some plants being sold at Costco with ripe berries in them, and we were instantly motivated to bring home some plants

The plants we got from Costco, were lying around in their small gallon pots for a few weeks and even in that time we were able to harvest about 12 huge strawberries in about a month.

We finally managed to put them into the ground, in a dedicated planter bed just for the strawberries. I might decide to plant something in between the plants shortly, but I still haven’t figured out how that might work considering that I have put down the red IRT plastic mulch that is supposed to keep the fruits from rotting when in contact with the soil and also make the berries more red!

One of the issues we have been having on the strawberry front is from the ravens. We were skeptical about the fruits being attacked by the squirrels and the many varieties of rodents that seem to share our yard.

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