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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Curry leaf plant update

We had babied our Curry leaf plant in a pot all these years. Keeping it in a pot makes it easy to move it inside during winter to protect it from the settling dew and overnight frost.

This is a picture from early spring when we brought the plants out from their winter retreat.

We found a spot that gets a good amount of sunlight and put it in.

It has been over a month now, and it looks like the plant is settling in nicely. It is now sporting a bunch of flowers. I can't wait to get hold of the ripe fruits and see if I can grow some plants from the seed.


  1. How many years was it in a pot?
    Were you successful in planting it from seed?

  2. I had it in a 3 gallon pot for about 4 years and In a large 10 gallon bucket for 6 months before it was planted in the ground. It was not grown from seed. It was purchased as a small plant in San Diego

  3. hi,

    i am looking to buy a plant for my self. any suggestion where to buy

  4. I have seen some in the New India Bazaar in Milpitas a few times. You may want to check them out

  5. What is the price of the plant?