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Thursday, June 16, 2011


One of our most intriguing discoveries at Kauai was to see how the Rudraksha originates.

We knew the obvious, it grows on a tree but could not even guess what they would look like in their un-processed state.

As part of the Kauai Adeenam, the sacred forest was planted by one of the swami's a couple of decades ago, which is now a thriving luscious area which is also graced by a small Ganesha.

They have majestic looking buttressed roots like most ficus genus trees. It is said that wearing a rudraksha helps calm the mind and rejuvenate one's life energy thanks to its hidden magnetic powers. We gave one of the trees a bear hug for good measure so the magnetism rubs off on us.

They start out green like most fruits

And turn blue

And they are like blue marbles when they ripen and hit the ground

And how they assume their well known form

And now here I am hoping to grow these beauties in my very own backyard