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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Comes with great taste and value is great trouble. (ME)

It can't be more apt than for the Drumstick tree. (Moringa oleifera)

The pods of the tree are a sought after delicacy in south India. The leaves find their way into all kinds of dishes, the most common being in Dals and in Crepes. I wasn't too fond of the greens (in large quantities) because it often led to an upset tummy day ! My favourite way of eating these was to fry the young leaves when making Ghee from Butter.

Talking about trouble, one of the biggest challenges growing these trees at home used to be hassle as most often the "Kambuli Poochi" would find their way there. I have had friends who got bit by these and yet people were not ready to get rid of the tree....I say get rid of the tree because the only fool proof way was supposedly to burn the trunk of the tree. From Googling the web, I think the "Kambuli Poochi's" as we called them are probably the Niger Caterpillars or the hairy Eupterote Molifera. 

When I found that Seeds of India carried Drumstick seeds, I was excited to get it and try growing it in my garden. 5 out of the 7 seeds germinated and then I lost 2 more during the first transplant. The remaining three are doing well for now, and hopefully grow strong enough before winter arrives so they can live through.


  1. How are the drumstick plants/trees doing?