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Friday, March 5, 2010


After almost 2 years of planning and reviewing quotations we figured what was a good price for the kind
of fence that the city regulations would approve and share (the city is our neighbour)

Here are the before and after pics

We went with a 8ft fence(read privacy), "Con hart"(read quality)

We also changed out the gates. Oh my god...what a relief. The gates were on wooden posts and were a pain to open or close. They are now on metal posts and have a very easy to use lock mechanism and are a breeze to use.

This was how the North side of the front yard looked like

One of the changes I wanted was to have an area in the front 4 ft section that would give us the option to put up hanging baskets and add a cottage charm

This is how they turned out. We still haven't put up the hanging baskets

And we finally hung baskets in the last week of March 2010. The plan is to have Lobelia's planted here. In an ideal world it could have been done a couple of months earlier, but is yet to happen.

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