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Friday, August 6, 2010


This was our first harvest of the season ....back in June when we returned from New Jersey and found these on the overgrown Zucchini plant hiding beneath the massive leaves.

And we were curious to see how big they might grow.....and this was the biggest one we had

Having exhausted cooking it in all the different ways I could (coming soon), I went to my stash of cookbooks to see what they had to offer. The Cafe Paradiso cookbook is one my favourite ones and as I read Dennis Cotter's words, I said to myself.....I HAVE been packaging water all along.

But then again, the saving grace is that I was trying to cook "Indian dishes" with the Zucchini so far. (I am not counting the failed attempt at making Zucchini muffins or the grilled Zucchinis). Hopefully from now on we can get them when they are about 4 inches long and along with the Zucchini blossom intact.

Most of my Indian friends weren't interested in getting my Zucchini's because they didn't know what to do with it. Dedicated to them are my "Zucchini recipes...the Indian way", coming soon.

The Zucchini muffins that didn't rise

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