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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Humble beginnings of the Potager

Many a times I plan and I wish and almost all the time....I dream. Bringing those dreams to fruition is a pretty slow process.

When we did the garden planning for 2010, I had great ideas of planting companion flowers that would attract pollinating insects, ward off the evil ones and also look pretty.

And as with all other ideas I have had, it hasn't made it to the garden as yet, with the one exception of the Nasturtiums.

I soaked them overnight and threw them into my planter beds with the Tomato plants. They started to grow slowly from under the dense foliage of the Tomato plants.

Now almost a few months later I have a couple of different varieties of Nasturtiums blooming

And the Orange

I haven't tried the flowers in my salads but I am hoping that I will have a lot more of them in the next few months that I can pluck some for my salads.

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