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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


2009 was the year I discovered the Coleus and how easy it was to go about propagating it. I looked for broken leaves, stems when we went to the nurseries. You just put them in a small cup of water and then they start forming roots in a few days. We typically put them into nice potting soil and watered them with a dose of B1 and in a day or two they would be doing well.

I got a bunch of the rainbow blends of Coleus...a few different brands

They seemed to start off pretty well, until the squirrels started to mess with them by digging into the planters when we were in New Jersey.                  

There was extensive damage in two of the pots and some minimal digging in the others.

They are now doing really well. The disappointing thing is that they all look fairly similar (to me)

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