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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's been raining Cucumbers for the last couple of weeks. This was our first big batch and ever since we have averaged about 2-3 pounds a day.

The Persian Cucumbers are very similar to the ones we had growing up in India. Though the fat ones from Bangalore or Ooty were sought after (because they were rare in Trichy), I love the tinier ones that are easy to eat and do not need much preparation (skinning, de-seeding or the like).

The biggest issue so far with the Cucumbers has been the challenge in harvesting them. We put them in our old planter beds from last year and they are on the wimpiest of the trellis we have in the whole garden. 

What you see on the planter bed on the left is the container cucumber which seems to be climbing pretty much like the regular Cucumbers. The one on the right are the Persian Cucumbers that are having a tough time climbing the wimpy trellis.


  1. Thanks for sharing your harvest. Sabari & I demolished the cucumbers. The small ones were especially tasty - grocery cucumbers can't hold a candle to yours

  2. Thanks Anita. I can get you guys some more when you need them.

  3. Your garden looks huge! What else have you planted in there?

  4. I have a lot growing in the garden this year. Will post the list in a post soon