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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The veggie garden 2010-Part 3 (Exotic Vegetables)

Exotic vegetables in my world are ones that you don't typically see on the shelves of your grocery store. One of the many benefits of a vegetable patch at home is the ability to grow such exotic vegetables.

These are the ones I am growing this year

Cluster Beans (Kothavarangaai in Tamil)

Bottle Gourd (Sorakkai in Tamil, Also called Opo Squash and Lauki/ Doodhi)

Broad Beans (Patta Avaraikkai in Tamil)

and Ladies Finger (Known in the US as Okras)- two varieties- red and the regular green

Chioggia Beets

Purple beans

Yellow Wax Beans

Luffa Gourds

And Romanesco Broccoli's that you sometimes spot in the supermarket


  1. A very wonderful garden.Love all the delicious veggies from your Brindavan.Seeing Red Okra for the first time.

  2. Thanks Kiran. The Red Okras taste just like the green ones.