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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Veggie garden 2010-Part 5 (First harvest)

The veggies started coming on June 22, 2010 and here is what we have harvested in the month.

The first Zucchini's were about a pound each, the ones that have been coming now are much bigger (the biggest being close to 2 lbs) and still are extremely buttery and tender inside.

These potatoes were trial ones. We just took out the "eyes" from store bought potatoes and buried them in the planter. We pulled these out because they had been flowering for a few weeks. Not bad....we got potatoes, but they were really tiny ! Next time to get to some real potato starters.

The French breakfast radishes look very interesting, and in my opinion taste no different than the other small radish varieties.

The yellow wax beans were also among the early producers, just that we completely missed them. The cheeky ones were all hiding under the leaves of the bush bean plant and the beets below them.

And not to forget the extremely prolific cherry belle radish

A morning cup of coffee and vegetable harvesting is divine !

I have an annual target of growing fruits and veggies that equal or exceed the total body mass in the household. And I am keeping a log.....

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