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Friday, July 9, 2010

The veggie garden 2010-IPM (Part 3)

The most awaited shipments arrived

First the Lady Bugs

and then the Lacewing eggs (they were too small to be photographed)

And then we set out on the task of getting some food for attracting and keeping the adults so they don't fly away. We had this "good bug mix" that is supposed to provide food for the pollinating and beneficial insects when the flowers in the garden aren't sufficient enough for their needs. (

Here is what we built to dispense our good bug food

And almost a few days into our bug experiment, and we don't see any of the 1500 ladybugs we released. There does not seem to be a massive influx of the lacewings either and the Brassicas have started to curl up again and seem to be infested with the Aphids.

In the meantime, we spotted some emerging Romanesco's.....our own home grown Fractals !

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