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Friday, July 9, 2010

The (south) side yard makeover- Part 1

The before (like when we bought the house)

The wooden shed like structure that is behind the A/C unit, was attached to the outer wall and was infested with termites. And enclosed in that space was the entrace to the crawl space beneth the house !

Another perspective (of the before) looking back from the gate

When we demolished the pool in October of 2008, we got rid of all the shed structures around the house, and out came this one as well.

The same Oleander you see here was hidden behind the series or random fencing that was around the house. So this is another one of the Before's

A few months later, the Oleander came out so we coud move the A/C unit closer to the house and bring it up to the code !
The brilliant mind that decided to have the A/C piping come out 10 feet away !! I Give up

The area which we will hence forth refer to as the south side-side yard hitherto used to be a driveway and had a layer(s) of asphalt. The guy who did the pool demo was contractually required to remove the driveway....and he did. And he claimed he would remove just the Asphalt and not the base rock that lay below it !! Well, Well, we were learning a lesson or two about how not to get cheated hereafter
The only issue as we found out a few years the spring of 2010, was that this clean up was not as straighforward.

The nice thing was that we did not have base rock all though the driveway. BUT where there was base rock, it wasn't clean base rock, it was concrete and brick debris and HUGE rocks.
In the Spring of 2010, we hired some guys to help us level the entire backyard and lay bender boards for a walkway. And then again, these guys weren't ready to do the cleanup.

They laid down the bender boards and brought in fresh baserock as the first layer of the walkway. But the job was done very very messy (guess thats what you get for the price)

Here is how it looks after we cleaned up all the base rock and all the other rocks and boulders in the soil

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