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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Luffa Gourd

"Norai Peerkangaai" as I knew it growing up was something I used to look forward to buy at the monthly "Mayabazaar" (the pay day market). And even today it is on my list of things I request from India. I make sure I have a big stash at home at all times, because these are a million times better than the plastic Luffa’s available in the market and they are sustainable

So when I discovered that park seeds carried some seeds called Luffa Gourd, you can only imagine my excitement.

There were about 5 seeds in the packet from park seed and I decided to start all of them this year.
The Luffa Gourds were one of the well developed among the seedlings that were started. I also managed to harvest about 15 seeds from the "Norai Peerkangaai" my parents brought recently, and set them out in the planter bed along with the Luffa seedlings from Park Seed.

I am happy to report that the Luffa Gourd vines are thriving and have been the most orderly climbers in the garden.

How many luffa’s will I have by the end of the season? 

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