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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Watching grass grow- Week 0

After 2 years of analysis and reading up on lawn options, we decided to go with the eco-lawn.

My first choice all along was the U C Verde Buffalo grass. But a lot has changed since the idea was first rooted in my head, and the biggest one has been the "budget" as you have heard many a times before. As much as i loved everything about the U C Verde, it was way outside the range of what we could afford at this point. I wasn't ready to shrink the size of the lawn in the backyard or live with other alternatives. The eco-lawn is fairly in-expensive in comparison and seems to be doing well so far.

We started off with a clean slate. The lawn is covering the same area where the pool was and we made sure this place was prepped up well.

We had lots of rocks/concrete and bricks all over the garden. Not to mention the clayey soil that is present all over the bay area

We roto-tilled the area well, and added a nice chunk of compost into the clay and a couple of inches of just pure compost on the top. Into it went the seeds of the eco-lawn.

I hope to diligently track it's progress here every week (as you might see, I am writing about week 0 after week much for my diligence)...possibly watch the grass grow sipping glass of lemonade on the shade.

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  1. Thanks for posting your adventures in installing Eco-Lawn. I'm Miriam, one of the developers of Eco-Lawn. You should see germination 7-15 days after you plant the seed. I know that you and your lemonade will love Eco-Lawn. Happy to answer any and all questions along the way! - Miriam