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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Retaining wall - Part 2

This was the trailer we purchased recently. We drove almost 50 miles one-way to pick this thing up. We thought it was a bargain when we bought it and yes, it was perfectly fine the first few days when we ferried massive chunks of concrete from an old driveway.

We were in for a rude shock during week 2. As you can see the frame is broken, and thank god it didn't happen in the middle of the freeway.

We were planning on using the trailer to dump all the rocks we were digging out of our backyard. Off we went with our first load to the Zanker landfill and thanks to lousy directions online we were going in circles trying to find the entrance. And right when we were close, two deceptive speed bumps took the life out of the trailer. There we were at 1.30 pm and just a few hours shy of the closure time with a broken trailer and wondering what to do. Thankfully, one of the guys working for us had a pick up truck that we eventually used to dump the stuff. Now to move this thing out of the way before Monday when it is going to be in the way for dump trucks. After an hour on the phone with AAA roadside assistance and talking to multiple people we managed to figure out a way to have this covered by our roadside assistance policy and to tow it free of charge back home. The next week Guru went shopping around to see how we could get it fixed.

As we looked closer, we found bad work and realized that it probably was not the bargain we thought it was earlier.

And after $600 is how it looks. Hopefully built to last with a completely new tongue and a frame made of heavy C-channel and welded all the way through to the frame of the the trailer.

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