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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Retaining Wall- Part 1

Guru stumbled upon (maybe searched and found) an ad on Craig's list from someone who had carefully taken out concrete from the driveway and was hoping someone would like to recycle it.

We have been wanting to build a retaining wall along the west side of our property line because our neighbor on the west is at a higher grade than us and there is a visible drop along the fence line of the properties.

A recycled concrete wall would save us the money that we might have to put down for materials.....but then we figured that it was no easy task to haul that much stuff.

Guru hired a couple of hourly laborers plus the guy who was giving this stuff away offered his time for a day for free in lieu and Guru took a whole day to get all this stuff home.
How did we move this you may wonder....and there comes the new addition to the vehicle pool.....a new trailer !More on that story coming up shortly (I have a story about everything.....and nothing is ever uneventful when it comes to us)


  1. you guys bought a trailer???

  2. yes, bought one and we have so many stories from just 2 weeks of owning it !