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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Front yard dilemma - Part 2

All through the summer of 2009, we were focussed primarily on ripping out stuff. Here is how the front yard transformation happened. The very leggy shrubs alongside the front fence had to be removed.

And the same was true about the never-pruned shrubs that were along the second driveway on the south side of the front yard (the ones along the back of the picture).

On one of the shows on HGTV, I saw that the easy way to take out shrubs was to use the car to pull them out. And oh my....what a nice stress buster that was. We got some chains and got it tied into our hitch on the CR-V. We added some weights to help keep the weight down on one side.

The shrubs had massive root structures and to ease the process, we loosened up the soil around the area to as to not put too much on the CR-V

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