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Monday, May 24, 2010

Our winged friends

The crow was pretty irked about me working and wandering in the backyard over the weekend. Earlier in the day, I saw 2 crows (one on the neighbor's pine) and one on our Magnolia that were keeping a close eye on a cat that typically hangs out in our backyard.

It took me a while to figure out why and mainly where.

Looks like we will have babies this year too, last year it was skunks, and this year it is the crows. The nest is set high up on the Oak tree.

Interestingly, we have a couple of rowdy Blue jay's that have been in the house since we first moved in 2 years ago. They make hell a lot of noise and I very often feel that they are booing at us if we wander into their zone near the oak tree unknowingly. They were nesting there last season and on a large oleander bush next to our house, the season before that. This year they have found a nice cozy spot on one of the oak trees in the front of our house. At least, the crows don't seem to mind all the noise the Blue Jay's are making.

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