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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Watching grass grow- Week 5

In creating, the only hard thing's to begin; a grass-blade's no easier to make than an oak.
-   James Russell Lowell

Our biggest challenge thus far has been the squirrels, who have been digging frantically all over the lawn, both in the open spots and playing golf in the green areas generating large divots. Their activity does not seem to be limited to the lawn alone; they have been wrecking havoc in our vegetable beds, and most annoyingly chewing on the ice-cream sticks I used to mark the nature of seeds I have planted. My suspicion is that they are getting help from our winged friends who have a "raven"-ous appetite for pulling out the sticks every day.

The big bald patches we have don’t seem to be filling up either, so we have re-seeded the lawn in all the bald spots. The areas with the bald spots seem to be drying up faster than the rest of the lawn area and I am wondering if the germination did not happen because the area wasn’t graded well in those regions

But the grass is indeed as soft as the breast of doves

We started off watering for 15 mins every day and have brought it down to 12 mins after the first 5 weeks. Hopefully we can reduce the watering frequency pretty soon once the reseeded areas show growth. I am excited to see how well the eco-lawn does with low watering, now that it is getting close to being "established".

But at the end of the day.....we decided to go with the eco-lawn option in our front yard as well. So I am going to be watching the grass grow yet again....assuming the squirrels let them grow !

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