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Monday, October 31, 2011

Curry Leaf propagation experiment

The small bunch of regular readers of my blog know about the "Curry Leaf" plant that is my prized possession. (Read about it here, here and here)

This is the first year that our "Curry Leaf" plant is in the ground. For those skeptics who are against putting them into the soil, I know I am taking a big risk this winter. The plant is still fairly small and would need a nice protective jacket to help it get through winter. (We are working on that)

This is also the first year that our little plant yielded some fruits. The key is to have the freshest fruits to ensure good success rates for the propagation. We sowed the healthiest of the lot in flat trays so they can be moved inside. The only tricky part is that it is winter and I have serious doubts about their viability.

Stay tuned.


  1. Hi, hows your plant doing? I live in Folsom (near Sacramento) Zone 9b. Do you think planting in the ground is good idea here?

  2. We have not taken off the protective cover yet. The leaves dry up, but the plant should come back to life when it starts warming up. I am hoping it does and will post an update in a month

  3. Hi

    I've been struggling with a couple of curry leaf plants here in the Bay Area for a couple of years. I did get fruit on the little one like you have in the picture here but didn't know what to do with them. I've moved them both outside and up against the house on a southwest facing wall to keep them warm. But a) I don't get the beautiful dark green leaves like you have here and b) I'm never sure which, if any, leaves/branches I should trim/use. I can't tell which branches will turn into true branches of the plant and will give other branches and which are simple branches that I should use for cooking. Does that make sense? I'm so in love with curry leaves but have to drive 1/2 hour to Sunnyvale to get any so really hoping I can learn to look after my trees...

  4. I am no expert, but i believe there is a lot of yellowing of leaves when it is in a pot versus when it is in the ground. Having gone through a winter with the plant in the ground (and not being sure ow if my plant would even survive), I am not sure i would suggest you put it in the ground. But you should put it in a place that gets the most sun. Mine sat in the open backyard that faces west and gets a lot of afternoon sun. The only other thing I have done is to feed a lot of compost at the base of the plant (in the pot and in ground)

  5. Is your curry leaf is good in winter? How it went through last winter. I am planning to put it onion the ground . Is it suggestible?