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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rose Planting

We went shopping for Roses over the Labour day weekend (see them here).

The last few weekends have been hectic trying to set them into the ground when the weather is good so we don't have to wait till next spring to plant them. With about 22 to plant on hard packed soil, it is a lot of back breaking work. We hired a guy to help with the digging.

We also had to put some hardware cloth around the roots to stop the Gophers/ Moles/ Voles or whatever they may be from digging. (Yes we have them in our here)

We were not quite sure if we had to do this, but is better to be safe than be sorry !

And we had all that hardware mesh left over from the lining we put under our new planter we put it to use.

The Roses are all set into the ground now. We were hoping to get the drip irrigation set up. But looks like that has to wait till next Spring. We will hand water until the rains come around in a few weeks.

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