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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Let's get thins straight right away....i LOVE ceramic planters and when Costco started carrying them this summer, I just had to get one of each variety they had.

This is the tallest one they had. I did put in a few Elephant Ear bulbs and set them in front of our little seating area in the front to get some some much needed privacy.

The big and wide one was going to house the Jasmine

And it does, with a funky trellis we picked from the clearance section in Ikea a few years back ;)

The smallest of the planters where i am looking to plant my Coleus collection....which is still not set up

This is not one that Costco carries, but my all time favorite, where i have not made up my mind on what i could plant in there to enhance the color of the planter itself.

Maybe some exotic stuff that needs no maintenance !

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