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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 2010 Going Native Garden Tour

Before I write anything at all on this topic, I should say that these are the things running in my head and are by no means critical in any way shape or form of the subject matter being discussed.

This was our first ever tour or gardens here and I was totally excited to be going. My imagination was totally shattered, partly because my expectations weren't level set and I had not envisioned what a native garden would be (I was in denial actually. I didn't want to accept that native gardening and sustainable gardening were very different). We didn't get to as many gardens as i would have liked because we did not plan our schedule well enough.

I wonder if it makes more sense to go native and essentially plant nothing edible (i mean vegetables) in a home garden, or go the sustainable route by using gray water and the like to grow and develop a sustainable garden. I see the logic in shopping at the farmers market and local grocery stores, but shouldn't the home garden contribute in at least a small way?

My biggest takeaway from the tour was on permeable driveways which are essentially made of decomposed granite. They are available in a lot of different colours and would be our choice for the walkways we are designing in our revamped backyard. coming soon in another blog post !

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