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Monday, March 19, 2012


The first time we spotted this lovely flower was at the "Mystery Spot" in Santa Cruz. We were stuck in their long line because we didn't know about their online booking system ...duh

These were the days when we knew nothing about plants. We were drooling over the beauty of these flowers whose names we didn't know.

When we bought our house (in April 2008), we spotted the same flower in the garden. After some research, we figured that these were Fuchsias.

In 2011, we added to the Fuchsia collection - one called Fuchsia- Rohee's Blacky

The lady who sold us these said we should put some Christmas lights over them in winter or bring them in. We did neither. The 3 Fuchsias in the hanging baskets did not make it past this winter.

The old one (original to the house) is on the front porch, protected from the cold and is producing some pretty buds

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