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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More bad news

Just when we were thinking that we had this place all figured out, we got this interesting piece of news. (Interestingly, calling PG&E was on the "honey do" list for a while, but it never happened)

This weird fixture you see here is about 3 ft tall and 3 ft wide and is in our front yard by the fence. I have never seen anything remotely similar in anybody else's house in the area (We are special people for who nothing comes easy).

When the San Bruno incident happened a few years back and when PG&E got around to publishing maps of supply lines, this caught my attention again and it went up higher on the "honey do" list. (the main supply line runs along the road you see right there). 

Interestingly, a few weeks back we had a guy from PG&E knocking on our front door wanting to talk about this thing. Turns out this is a pressure control valve for the main supply line (did I miss out on an opportunity to charge rent from PG&E) and it should not be here to begin with. And our house is apparently connected directly to the main supply line instead of a service line like every other house. Turns out that we have to get a brand new gas connection from the service line and they would remove this fixture and close the existing line. But this process may involve ripping out the driveway. We are waiting for more news and next steps.

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