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Friday, November 20, 2009

Trellises-Summer of 2009

This was our first shot at building trellises. After a lot of research online, "Gu" designed these and put them together.

The tomato cages that you see below did well, and i have absolutely no complaints. Next year, they would go into the ground instead of the blue buckets

The bean trellises were a complete disaster.I was not because of the design....i had planted Bush beans instead of Pole Beans. The trellis proved to be a big hassle in reaching down and harvesting the beans

This trellis was designed for our bitter gourds that grew fabulously well but never produced anything

We are planning on adding 6 more planter beds for next years garden with some well designed trellises that would work with our plants


  1. I like your trellises. They would work good for cucumbers also. I am always looking for ideas to grow up since I container garden a little.

  2. nice stuff. we just started to container garden and your ideas are great.