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Friday, August 7, 2009

My dream and about Brindavan

The Brindavan Gardens, is famous for its symmetric design. It is one of the most beautifully laid out terrace gardens in the world.

Located in the Krishnaraja Sagar dam site, the Brindavan Gardens is at a distance of 24 Km. from the famous cultural heritage centre of Karnataka – the city of Mysore, and 143 Km. from Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka. The Krishnaraja Sagar dam is built across the river Cauvery, one of the principal rivers in South India.

Having been raised on the banks of river Cauvery, the gardens and the river occupy a special place in my heart. Lush paddy and banana plantations thrive in the rich Cauvery delta.

Interestingly my paternal grandparents house was called "The Brindavan", apt because my grandmother was a big patron of the Jasmine...but is there any south indian woman who isn't. I still have memories of a 80 year old grandmother drawing water from a 150 ft well and carrying it all the way to the front yard to water her Jasmine plants. Different varieties of Jasmine adorned the huge front yard, and they were painstakingly plucked everyday and woven into a string garland that was then adorned in her braids.

Fast forward a few decades and here i am trying to do something impossible....i still have lot of hope left in me. As i finally overcome my laziness to start writing and sharing as i go along this path.

It is my wish to transform the concrete ridden space we bought recently (i hate to even call it a garden) into a pretty and sustainable garden that is not just pleasing to the eye but also one that is environmentally conscious.

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